Our history

ALLSKIN MED was established in 2019 with the aim of creating a line exclusively for consulting rooms that would integrate all the exclusive technologies of Cantabria Labs together with gold-standard dermatological skincare active ingredients.

The formulas were designed to act specifically on the different layers of the skin and ensure an optimal and comprehensive result.

Our name

The name ALLSKIN MED perfectly defines the philosophy behind this line, where science and expertise come together in a synergistic fashion.

ALL SKIN evokes the concept
of comprehensive skincare, understanding its structural complexity and diversity.

MED represents the science that informs the range, with effective and safe formulas exclusive to professionals.

Our products

ALLSKIN MED products were designed exclusively for skincare professionals. They are tools that can help create custom protocols, pivoted to each individual’s needs and characteristics.

ALLSKIN MED brings together in a single range everything the expert needs to ensure maximum treatment efficacy, delivering a unique experience with guaranteed results.

Our science

To make you feel good in your skin

Our philosophy

To act on all the layers of the skin