Advanced Renewal Serum

Medium-strength renewal serum formulated with premium retinoids that promote advanced epidermal renewal, visibly reducing wrinkles, smoothing skin texture and reducing signs of photoaging. Enriched with an exclusive pool of antioxidants and antipollution active ingredients that help counteract damage due to environmental stress.


Moderate photoaging, photoaging, wrinkles.


RetinSphere® Technology [0.5%]
Hydrating active ingredients
Vitamins C and E

Instructions for use

Shake before use. Apply to clean facial skin at night, progressively and depending on tolerance or instructions from your prescribing professional. Avoid sun exposure or use sunscreen.


External use only.
Contains Retinol.
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
Mild itching and peeling after the initial applications is normal. If irritation continues, suspend use. A change of colour does not affect efficacy.
Store below 30 °C.
Tested under dermatological control.

IT – Etichettatura ambientale:

Flacone Airless Pompa Tappo Astuccio
GL 70 C/PP 92 C/ALU 90 PAP 21
Raccolta Vetro Raccolta Plastica Raccolta Metalli Raccolta Carta
Raccolta differenziata. Verifica le disposizioni del tuo Comune.

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