Anti-Hair Loss & Redensifying Lotion

Lotion for home use with a triad of innovative ingredients that improve overall hair conditions, making it softer, shinier, stronger and thicker. Formulated with Wharton Gel Complex Technology and antioxidants to stimulate hair growth and fight oxidative stress associated with hair ageing processes. Optimises the results obtained by medical-aesthetic procedures.

Format: 125 ml


Treatment for home use.


1% Wharton Gel Complex (WGC)
Melatonin and caffeine

Instructions for use

Cosmetic home treatment.
Shake before use.
To apply product, divide the scalp into 3 sections and apply 3-5 pumps to each section. Use 1 or 2 times daily, ideally in the evening.

No greasy residue


Dermatologically tested.


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