Our history

ALLSKIN | MED was established in 2019 by Cantabria Labs, a global dermatology company with decades of experience.

Cantabria Labs are renowned for developing leading-edge, highly effective skincare technologies that people love to use. In creating ALLSKIN | MED, their aim was to create an exclusive, professional-grade skin care range with a simple philosophy: to make you feel great in your skin and give you complete skin confidence.
Available exclusively from ALLSKIN | MED Partner Clinics and their expertly trained Specialists, the range includes a selection of multi-tasking products that target every layer of skin to deliver remarkable results.

Our name

ALLSKIN | MED perfectly defines the philosophy behind this skincare range. Science and expertise come together in perfect synergy, creating powerful skin-loving formulas that reveal brighter, smoother and younger-loving skin.
ALL SKIN evokes the concept of comprehensive skincare across all of the skin’s layers, for all skin types.

MED represents the science of the range, packed with active ingredients and clinically-proven technologies.

Our products

ALLSKIN | MED features a combination of clinically-proven technologies that target every layer of skin to deliver remarkable results. Each product is carefully created to ensure maximum efficacy with a luxurious, skin-loving feel.

Our science


Our philosophy

To act on all the layers of the skin