Our promise

To make you feel good in your skin

We consider skincare as a whole, where scientific rigor exists in harmony with the search for the aesthetic and the beautiful. The desire to share our knowledge and expertise, fruit of years of research and investigation, led to the creation of a concept for advanced cosmetics with effective, safe formulations. Our commitment lies in delivering dermal excellence so we can all feel proud and happy in our skin.

Our philosophy

To act on skin layers

We know that certain sums can multiply. That’s why ALLSKIN MED seeks to integrate in a single treatment range the most effective active ingredients in the aesthetic dermatology field that act synergistically and specifically on the different skin levels. This led to the “Integral Layer System” which guarantees optimal results through treatments designed to act to meet the specific needs of each skin layer.

So within
ALLSKIN MED we find:

Epidermal activity

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS AND FORMULAS THAT WORK PRIMARILY ON THE SURFACE OF THE SKIN This group of active ingredients includes antioxidants (vitamin C, EDAFENCE®, Fernblock FC®) and sunscreen to protect skin from external aggression: free radicals and solar radiation. It also includes other active ingredients which exfoliate and promote cell renewal, providing even tine and texture, reducing wrinkles and dark spots. They include alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids (RetinSphere®) in advanced cosmetic formulations which enhance their activity while ensuring maximum tolerability.

Dermal stimulation

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS AND FORMULAS THAT WORK FROM THE INSIDE Dermal stimulation is essential to ensure optimal, lasting results that help the skin recover elasticity and firmness. ALLSKIN MED features exclusive growth factors (SCA-PRO®) that can reshape the dermis, enhancing the results of traditional anti-aging treatments.