Early and maintained application of SCA® PRO 40% improves cutaneous healing after fractional ablative laser

in skin aging.

Materials and methods

TWO STUDIES were conducted to evaluate efficacy after the use of a fractional non-ablative laser and a fractional ablative laser.

  • Vehicle-controlled, double-blind, prospective study.
  • Patients aged 45-65 years.
  • Each patient had SCA® 40 applied to one side of the face and the vehicle to the other.
  • 20 and 10 patients, respectively, with moderate photoaging.

Treatment regimen

*One session was conducted with a 10,400 nm CO2 fractional laser (CO2RE®) at 60 mJ/spot in DEEP mode and then a pass at 16 J/cm2 in MID mode. Single pass in the ‘crow’s feet’ area and nasolabial fold.

**The product was applied immediately after the laser session and over the 21-day study period. The ampoules were applied every 12 hours for the first 7 days after the laser session and then every 24 hours until study end. Patients also applied topical sunscreen in the morning and Replenishing Cream twice a day.

Clinical course



Applying a cosmetic protocol formulated with SCA® 40 (Cryptomphalus aspersa secretion) immediately after laser procedures such as a fractional non-ablative laser and ablative CO2 laser and over the following days can accelerate cutaneous healing after the damage caused by the laser, significantly reduce the associated adverse effects, and improve procedure results, making it a valuable tool for skincare specialists. SCA® 40 should be used following laser skin procedures to ensure maximum compliance and patient satisfaction.