Mineral Fluid Sunscreen SPF 50

Sunscreen. High photoimmunoprotection with an exclusive 100%-mineral formula, specially indicated for sensitive and intolerant skin and after aesthetic dermatology procedures.
Very broad coverage against UVB, UVA, IR-A and visible radiation. Formula enriched with active ingredients with high antioxidant and restorative properties.
Ultra-lightweight texture, bare skin feel and easy application


Normal and sensitive skin.
Post medical-aesthetic procedures.
All skin types.


Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide UVA-UVB filters.
Biomimetic Melanin
Vitamins C and E
Tone-evening micropigments

Instructions for use

Shake before use.
Apply generously and evenly before going out in the sun.
Reapply frequently, especially after prolonged bathing or heavy sweating.


External use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun during the hottest times of the day. Wear clothing, a cap and sunglasses for protection. Do not expose babies or infants directly to the sun. Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control in sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic.Unscented. Mineral formula. Noncomedogenic. Waterproof.

IT – Etichettatura ambientale:

Flacone Airless Pompa Tappo Astuccio
GL 70 C/PP 92 C/ALU 90 PAP 21
Raccolta Vetro Raccolta Plastica Raccolta Metalli Raccolta Carta
Raccolta differenziata. Verifica le disposizioni del tuo Comune.

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